About Crystal and Rachel

They met 7 years ago while working at Outback Steakhouse in Southcenter (Tukwila WA). Crystal was working as a waitress/bartender trying to make enough money to live in grad school. Rachel was just off the ship (a short stint as a cruise ship server) and an Outback newbie. Sparks flew at the holiday party, then Rachel spent many nights at the bar waiting for Crystal to close up! ;) They lived in a variety of memorable places out in Seattle (just ask for the stories!), then moved to Minnesota so Crystal could finally finish up that doctoral degree with an internship in Shakopee. Both were surprised by the hidden gem of St. Paul and decided to set down some roots. They bought their first house in July 2013! They have explored the area and found some really wonderful parks, lakes, restaurants, and shops. Their family consists of 2 crazy mutts, Domino and Zindle, and 2 unique cats, Squash and Melman.

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  1. I remember stopping in to the Outback to see my favorite bartender and she was so excited telling me about this girl she met the night before. "She's so cute and awesome" and "we kissed!" :) I'm seeing that same excitement in both of you now, 7 years later, as your big day gets closer. I'm so honored and excited to share in your celebration of love and commitment. Congrats Honey, I'm happy and proud!